Hucknall Heritage Archive Project

Miners at Hucknall Colliery Number 2, also known as Bottom Pit, 1975

Hucknall Library Local History Group has recorded the heritage of this former mining and textile town by carrying out a variety of projects, linked to a month long Local History Fair. The aim was to get the whole community involved by offering them a variety of events, including a project led by a professional playwright. Material was gathered through a combination of research and interviews with individuals and community groups, then used to create a performance combining stories with images of places and people both past and present.

There was an adult story telling event based on the local community and a number of family history sessions to help beginner and more advanced research. The reminiscences were transcribed and held on tape and added to the archive. The youth of the town were involved through a photographic competition focussing on the heritage of the town.

An oral history project entitled ‘Locally Speaking’ contacted local people who were living in the Hucknall area during the 1930s and 40 to record their memories to create an oral history archive for future generations.

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