Highfields Remembered

A birthday party at the Hart home, c1929-1930. Left to right: Joyce Hart (great neice of Sir Israel Hart), Audrey Felstein (now in Israel), Margaret Caney, Dorothy Woodford (nee Cooper), Betty Cooper

Highfields Remembered arose out of Leicestershire’s Multicultural Oral and Pictorial Archive Project, a joint venture between Leicestershire Libraries and De Montfort University. The aim of this part of the project was to record reminiscences from people who had lived in the Highfields – an area which has been home to possibly a wider range of cultures than any other area in Leicester over the last 80 years.

More than 50 people were interviewed during the summer of 1994, presenting a mix of different cultures: English, Irish, Polish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and African Caribbean. In addition, nearly a dozen letters were received following an appeal in the local press. The memories of all these people span the years from the First World War to the early 1980s. Extracts were published as a book entitled Highfields Remembered. Some of the contributors to this project gave permission for their reminiscences and photographs to be published on the internet.

It is hoped that interested people, especially students in school, colleges and universities, will download information for reference and academic work.

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