Crick Digital Archive

This project began in 2005 and now has a database of over 1200 items including photographs, news articles, maps, researched data and other documents.  There are more than 500 photographs.

Broadly we can categorise the type of information so far captured as:

  • Early photos of people and places (with dates and names)
  • Documents or newspaper articles about the village
  • Copies of historical research e.g. Ernest Timmins Collection
  • Manorial data including photographs of Manor Court Rolls obtained by courtesy of St John’s College, Oxford. Much of this data has still to be transcribed
  • Village magazines such as Crick News stretching back over 30 years
  • Individual records of people, events, clubs or places
  • Transcribed and photographed deeds and wills
  • House or building histories
  • Individual and family histories
  • Current photo records of the village and parish, including the building of the M1 Motorway and DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal)

Each source or contributor is uniquely identified and each item provided is catalogued by date, type (e.g. photograph, letter, article, etc) and description (e.g. hockey team or building location).

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