Rowington Parish Records Group

Rowington Parish Records group was formed in 2003 with the aim of collecting photographs and documents about the parish of Rowington, which might otherwise have been destroyed, and mounting them in an exhibition for the benefit of parishioners. Since then over 1000 photographs and documents have been collected and work continues.

A database of information about houses, other buildings and events in the parish has been built up and a list of everything contained in the collection can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the Parish Records Database. The group also plans to make available the names of all people shown in its collection of photographs and documents, for the benefit of those within the parish and elsewhere who are researching their Rowington family history. The compilation of a list of field names is also being considered for the future. The group has received tremendous support from the people of the parish. Many have helped by donating or lending photographs and documents for the collection and putting names to faces on old photographs. All the exhibitions staged so far have been very well attended. The group has started to receive enquiries from elsewhere in the UK and from abroad, from people researching their family history.

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