Marden Parish: An Oral History

This project will record the memories and events of the village of Marden, to reflect the social and economic changes in the last 100 years. The area has changed from a relatively rural district to a more intensely populated locality due to an increase in housing and farm diversification, which has lead to an influx of immigrant workers.

The group want to record memories of older residents and produce a book and CD, they will also be creating their own website to record the project as it progresses.

In addition, the group will be holding a series of talks to other groups and exhibitions for local people, to show their progress gain more memorabilia and photographs.

The local school is keen to be involved and input into the project as part of their history studies. They hope to record younger people in the area and hopefully immigrant workers to build up more of a picture of the changing heritage.

To further include the schools they want to plant a wildflower border with local species and explain to the children about the important natural heritage that they have on their doorstep.

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