Birmingham Black Oral History Project

The Birmingham Black Oral History Project, based in Handsworth, was set up in 1990 by a group of organisations and individuals concerned to preserve the memories of the older generation of black and Asian migrants to Birmingham.

In September 1992 the project published The Land of Money?, a pack consisting of two cassettes of recorded interviews together with a booklet including transcriptions of the interviews and related photographs. Around the same time the project produced a video of filmed interviews.

Recently, a Birmingham Black Oral History Project Web site has been developed which includes all the recorded interviews from The Land of Money? with audio, and the video, together with a photo gallery, a bibliography, links to related Web sites, and other material.

The site is still in development. In particular we hope to improve the audio quality of the interviews, and to add to the photo gallery.

We are also keen to expand the scope of the site, to include other material – audio, photos, text, video – relating to the experience of early migrants in Birmingham which is not online elsewhere.

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