London & North Western Railway Society

The L&NWR Society is a Registered Charity No.1110210

The object of the Society is:

“To advance the education of the public in all aspects of the London and North Western Railway, including the study and preservation of information, drawings, photographs, models and other material pertaining to the railway company and related organisations and subjects.”

The Society runs a Library and Archive located at Kenilworth called the Jeremy Flegg Study Centre, where we have our Library collections of books and magazines, our Archives of documents, drawings and photographs, and a few artifacts. The Study Centre is open to both members of the Society and the public for research.

The Society web site,, provides a history of the society and the LNWR with a map of the system, as well as other information about the railway and its staff. The site also provide access to the various services. Information about the Study Centre can be found on the site with a downloadable leaflet describing the Study Centre, the collections there, how to book a visit and where to find it.

Email links on the web site can be used to contact the Society officers and to submit questions about any LNWR related subject. We answer questions for family history researchers, authors, railway enthusiasts and other organisations seeking information on any aspects of the LNWR.

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