Kibworth History Society

‘Understanding yesterday, for the benefit of today and tomorrow’ – the Society’s motto.

Situated in south Leicestershire, Kibworth History Society started life in 1989, first as a family history group, then broadening to all aspects of history pertaining to the villages of Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt and Smeeton Westerby.

The Society’s website offers detailed information about our open monthly meetings (past and present) and printed publications (10).  Special features on Beauchamp and Harcourt show photographs of the old villages, and the section on war memorials provides photographs and tributes to fallen servicemen from all three villages in the first and second world wars.

The memories section makes available 18 articles setting down memories and reminiscences (many with illustrations) of local people, businesses, schools etc.  links are provided to related websites.

Members are active with various projects and research, and results are regularly added to the Society’s website.  Interests have been mainly on 19th and 20th centuries local history though earlier periods attract some.  Enquiries about our local history are answered wherever practicable.

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