Ironbridge Gorge Community Archive

Bridge, Shropshire

The IGca is a group of people who live in the Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge area of Shropshire, England. We all share an interest in the history of the Gorge, its people and its events.

The group is aiming to collect vital record information of 18th and 19th century people and to offer assistance to family historians, other researchers and interested parties around the world.

As we obtain new photographs we are now including them on our photo database. It is intended that this database will include scanned documents – including wills, certificates etc.

We aim to produce computerised databases covering the parishes of Benthall, Buildwas, Broseley, Coalbrookdale, Dawley, Ironbridge, Little Wenlock and Madeley. The information will then be available to family historians and other interested parties.

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