Merseyside Jewish Community Archives

The Hessleberg family 1860s
Infants class of the Liverpool Hebrews' Educational Institute and Endowed School 1880

Liverpool Record Office holds the archives of the Merseyside Jewish Community from the 18th century to the present day. The records are of tremendous significance as the Liverpool community was the first organised Jewish community in the north of England, and until the mid-19th century it was the largest provincial Jewish community. The archive holdings reflect the vibrancy and activity of the community which has contributed to Merseyside life and national and international organisations.

The variety and wealth of material in the archive collection means that a wide range of research topics can be supported. There are five main themes dominating the collection: welfare, Zionism, education, synagogues and personal papers. The archive shows the Jewish population becoming part of the wider Merseyside community and its contributions to the city.

Catalogues for the 250+ collections are currently available electronically at Liverpool Record Office and all Liverpool libraries and also available online. Paper catalogues are also held at Liverpool Record Office.

Owing to the sensitive nature of some of the records, periods of closure have been applied in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and at the request of the depositor. These restrictions are noted in the catalogues.

To view the actual physical archives, as opposed to viewing them electronically, a reader’s ticket is essential. Anyone wishing to obtain a ticket would need to bring proof of their name and address.

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