Cumbrian Manorial Records

This is a truly fascinating and informative web-site. It was constructed in 2006 by Angus Winchester and Eleanor Straughton as part of the Cumbrian Manorial Records Project, a partnership between Lancaster University, The National Archives and Cumbria Archive Service, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The pages aim to provide practical guidance to users of manorial records, particularly in Cumbria and arranged as follows:

Manors and their records: An introduction to manors and manorial rights and the various classes of manorial record

Using manorial records: A guide to locating and using manorial records for family and local history

Cumbrian superior lordship: A guide to baronies and other superior lordships in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire North of the Sands

Glossary: A quick guide to the meaning of specialist or obsolete terms encountered in manorial records

Gallery: Images of extracts from different classes of manorial records, with transcripts and commentaries

and finally links to related websites.

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