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56a Infoshop is a radical social centre in South London that has been running as a non-profit, volunteer space since 1991. In that time we have been archiving material . The archive now contains an estimated 20,000+ items. The collection is mainly from the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s but some special sections within the archive do go back further. Alongside regular magazines and pamphlets, we have maintained an amazing mass of leaflets and ephemeral papers from different anarchist and social movements. We are not sure if anyone else has a collection of this stuff. We keep all this stuff as a valuable part of the movement’s social history.

It’s open-access, almost sorted out and intended to be useful for research. We archive radical and anarchist magazines, pamphlets, books, badges, posters and leaflets. We hope that people will come by to read it or to use it to research radical writing (towards action!)


WED 3-7
THU 2-8
FRI 3-7
SAT 2-6

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