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Archives of IT (AIT) is an expanding online resource of media and interviews from leading people associated with the UK IT and Telecommunications industry to help understanding and encourage study of the industry and how it has changed our lives.

Our emphasis is on the oral history of personalities, their background, successes and challenges. We capture this through video and audio interviews and complement them with company reports and other media.

AIT is distinctive in concentrating on the personal views, ideas and experiences of those who built and worked in this important activity from the twentieth century onwards, while other archives and museums are focused on preserving physical devices and working machines.

AIT was founded by Roger Graham OBE, based on his belief in the importance of the above objectives. Roger features among our interviews, having founded, led, and advised many key companies in the industry. AIT is governed by the board of trustees, who are senior and authoritative participants in the field, chaired by John Carrington. John played a key role in the development of cellular communications in the UK and Europe.

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