Community Archaeology Forum

The CBA’s Community Archaeology Forum (CAF) is a central resource within which community projects can share the results of an archaeological excavation, buildings survey or landscape study project within their local area. Users can upload their own photographs, documents or drawings for others to view and comment on.

Community archaeology projects may wish to place material on CAF to gain a greater profile for their project, to share their ideas with others and to start discussions about the interpretation of the material they have found. They may want to look at other projects to get ideas about how to tackle their own archaeological site, building or survey, or simply because they are interested in what others have found. Perhaps projects would like to create a page offering some advice to others or disseminating some research on Community Archaeology?

Awards Success: CAF won the TalkTalk Community Innovation Award in 2007 (see, and then in 2008 won the Best Archaeological ICT Project award at the British Archaeological Awards (see

There are plans to upgrade CAF further later on in the year, largely based on the research currently being carried out by the recently-appointed Community Archaeology Support Officer, Suzie Thomas. For information about this research, or to make suggestions regarding CAF, please contact her on

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