Lagan Legacy: Oceans in Mind

This project's aim was to create an archive of oral and visual reminiscences by interviewing a wide range of the citizens of Belfast and beyond, whose lives and life's work was intimately bound up with the River Lagan and the Port of Belfast.

Shipbuilding was, for many years, a major industry and, at the turn of the 20th century, Belfast proudly boasted the largest and best shipyard in the world (Harland & Wolff) where the most famous and iconic ship of all time was built and launched: R.M.S. Titanic.  This community archive project aims to draw attention to the many other wonderful ships and innovative technologies that were created by the men of Harland & Wolff and to celebrate their pride in their workmanship and the culture that grew up around their work.

Many other Belfast industries were also world leaders in their day, including ropeworks and linen, and all bound up with the city's maritime roots and trade routes.

This project has generated hundreds of hours of taped interviews with the rapidly disappearing last generation of shipyard workers, hundreds of newspaper articles and hours of related Radio and Television programmes and events.

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