The Society is currently working with Ards & North Down Borough Council on a digital project which involves research and recording of industries within the Borough during the 20th century. The Council is enlisting the help of historical societies within the Borough Council area to research information on industries within their local areas and record the profiles of each industry and factory together with their social histories and people.

Ards Historical Society will be researching the industries in and around the town of Newtownards over the last century, where there has been a strong tradition of weaving in flax, cotton and wool. Other industries have thrived in the town, where an educated and adaptable work force was readily available to local and emigrant entrepreneurs. There is a rich social history of the people who worked in the factories and businesses and in order to capture and retain this history, the society will be seeking to expand its archive of old photos and memorabilia by utilising all its members to uncover items in possession of local residents which will help illustrate the local industries, some of which are no longer in business. These records will be digitised by the society and in addition for use in the project will be retained in Ards Historical Society’s archive.

The society will have equipment to photograph and scan items to be included in the project. Audio and video recording will be a capability which the Society will have and it is intended to interview some of the people who worked in the factories and industries to record their personal experiences and memories.

On completion of the research and work on digitising all the material, the Borough Council will compile all the work from each of the societies within the Borough and create an exhibition for display at various centres within the Borough. The exhibition will be transportable and will be shown in other centres throughout Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland.

Details and progress of the project can be seen on Ards Historical Society’s website.

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