Creggan History Society Archive

Glassdrummond School Football Team, June 1949

The Creggan Local History Society was formed in 1985 with the objective of collecting and distributing information on all aspects of the history of the Creggan Parish and of South Armagh.  Specifically, the area covered by the Society is the ancient Irish Barony of the Upper Fews, in Co Armagh, and that part of the Creggan Parish that is in County Louth. The Society meets regularly in Áras an Chairdinéil Ó Fiaich, (Cardinal O’Fee Centre), in Cullyhanna.

The Society’s work includes:-

  1. The publication of an historical journal
  2. Sponsoring at least one annual historical lecture
  3. Providing an archive of historical material for public consultation
  4. Co-operating with other Societies engaged in like work

The Society also has an on-line photographic archive.

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