Memory Joggers

Whilst reminscence is the act or process of recollecting past experiences or events, reminiscence therapy, is a popular psychosocial intervention used in dementia care.

‘Memory joggers’ uses a reminiscence ‘therapist’ travelling Norfolk and Suffolk visiting care homes etc.

Bob from ‘Memory Joggers’ says “we were ‘trained by Bernie Arigho of Age Exchange Greenwich and we enjoyed soo much what we did that we started up a small business ‘doing reminiscence’.  We visit care/ residential homes, armed with loads of triggers (things they or their family) may have used in the past, and work with groups of people of ALL abilities.  For some it is a walk down memory lane, for others it is a chance to regail us with stories that I am sure their families have heard a thousand times but is new to us.  Whilst they are telling us these happenings they are automatically ‘back in charge’ and we think this is sooooo important it improves their self worth and self esteem. The care home workers we come across are fantastic and totally devoted to the care of their residents but, because of time and money restrictions, time is at a premium.  This is where we come in (we are paid by the homes to do this work).  

We (the two of us) are people people.  We absolutely love what we do and apparently are reasonably successfull according to the managers we deal with and who book us time after time. This is the only job I have ever had where I look forward to going ‘to work’ every single day, perhaps it’s because we have a terrific amount of fun, but also we like to think we make a difference . We are lucky in that the triggers we use can also be adapted for use in schools(history) and also we give talks on the way things used to be to W I s etc etc which are also great fun.”

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