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In August 2003 members from the Darby and Joan group and the Youth Club in Fitzwilliam got together with local media company One to One Productions to produce a community web site. The project happened through SRB funding awarded to One to One Productions from the Hemsworth Coalfield Partnership. This generated an interest in the community of developing its own archive site and an oral history project.

Members of the community and the Darby and Joan group supported by local councillors worked on a funding bid to the Countryside Agency’s ‘Local Heritage Initiative’ in Yorkshire and Humberside. In July 2004 the group received confirmation that the application had been successful.


The project involved the local community working in partnership with One to One Productions to develop and design the archive. The funding allowed the group to invest in new media equipment for the community, training and advise on the use of the equipment has been part of the project.

Open drop in sessions have been organised in the community centre, these have been advertised by posters, flyers and word of mouth throughout the village and surrounding areas. People have dropped into the sessions with photographs and stories all of which have been documented. Filming and audio recording has also been organised with people in the village. The project was publicly launched online in April 2005.

It is hoped that the archive will not only offer an insight into the villages past, but will also provide a contemporary record of peoples recollections, hopes, fears and aspirations at the start of a new century.

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