Wymondham Town Archive

NR18 0UT

Wymondham is fortunate in having a very rich archive of local material: it has been ranked as one of the best town archives in Norfolk, outside the great Norfolk Museum Service collections of Norwich, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Thetford.

Items relating to Wymondham’s history are divided between the Town Archive and the Abbey Church Archive (mostly documents) and the Heritage Museum (mostly artefacts).

Wymondham Town Archive is steadily expanding, and it recently acquired a very large bequest containing much important material. Some documents are from the 17th century, but most are 18th and 19th century. There is an extensive index of personal names, and there are also sections on places, buildings and trades together with photographs and maps.

The archive is now run by a committee with representative membership and holds an annual public meeting. Accommodation is provided in the Town Council offices, who also provide a small grant.

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