Voices of the Hoar Oak Valley Project

The Friends of Hoar Oak Cottage  are delighted to announce our success in winning a Heritage Lottery Award to undertake the Voices of the Hoar Oak Valley project.

Our aim is to collect and publicise memories, stories, images, historical evidence and mementos which help to share how people lived and worked at the remote and now abandoned Hoar Oak Cottage between 1790 and 1960, as well as in the bleak but beautiful Hoar Oak Valley and how people, since the 1960s, have enjoyed and learnt about remote Exmoor by at The Exmoor Centre – the only other built habitation in the valley.

Since January we have been searching for descendants of the shepherd families who lived at Hoar Oak Cottage, for people who walk or ride through the valley and for those involved in building and staying at the Exmoor Centre.

Now, just over halfway through the project we are delighted to be able to share what we have been doing, what we have been finding, the remarkable stories that have been shared with us and what we plan to do next. For more information and details go to Voices of the Hoar Oak Valley.

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