Trewins Memorystore

The TREWINS MEMORY STORE community archive has been created by a small group of retired staff who previously worked for the John Lewis Partnership store, formerly known as Trewins, in Watford, Hertfordshire.  The site contains information on the early days of the business, including the Trewin family, wartime and post war memories of life in the shop and the move into a new shopping centre in the 1990s.  There are over 150 pages of images, reminiscences and comments relating to all aspects of the history of this retail business.  It includes images of the interior and exterior of the shop, the staff who worked there, social events, the democratic side of the business and cuttings from the shop's house magazine.  There is also information on businesses, including Waitrose, Kinghams and Findlater Mackie Todd, which were, at some time owned by the Partnership in the Watford area.

Covering all of the 20th century the archive is compiled from material gathered by the volunteers and also items from the company's archive.  It will be of interest to all those researching the social history of shopping or the local area around Watford.

This site is planned to be a pilot project for other shops in the John Lewis Partnership group of department and food stores.

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