Rutherglen Heritage Society


Rutherglen Heritage Society was formally constituted in 2012. The objectives of the Society are:

  • To research, preserve and interpret records, photographs and artefacts of local interest
  • To encourage the preservation and protection of features of archaeological or historic interest in the Rutherglen area
  • To promote awareness of archaeology, history, built heritage and natural environment of Rutherglen
  • The Society plans to organise meetings, exhibitions, lectures, and other heritage activities and events to achieve its objectives

The ancient town of Rutherglen was granted Royal Burgh status by King David I in 1126, and existed as a Lanarkshire burgh in its own right for more than 800 years. The town has witnessed some important events in Scottish history, and is the birthplace of many famous and notable Scots. It also plays a prominent role in Scotland’s industrial heritage; the town’s motto is Ex Fumo Fama: “From Smoke Comes Fame”. 

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