Holywell and District Society

Holywell High Street
St. Winefrede's Well
Well Chapel
Football Hereos
Prince Charles' visit
St.James' Church
Holywell Workhouse

The Society was formed in 2007, when a group of individuals with similar interests in the local area decided that information on the history and environment was not being shared and recorded.

The Society undertakes a Community Archive at the Holywell library, where members of the public bring photographs, postcards, memorabilia etc. which are then scanned and stored on computer for future reference.

Sessions take place on Most Mondays from 10am until midday.

This archive was part of Commanet: the community archive network . Although ‘Commanet’ no longer exists, we still use the software for the Archive Database.

Please visit the Holywell and District Society’s website or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HolywellSociety/?locale=en_GB

This archive was originally started by The Friends of the Greenfield Valley Association, but when that organisation ceased it was transferred to The Holywell & District Society.

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