Caru Dolgarrog


The Caru Dolgarrog archive is made up of photographs documenting the life of Dolgarrog with its unique and rich industrial past.

Set in the heart of the Conwy Valley, life in Dolgarrog has been an interesting blend of large scale commerce with its hydroelectricity power station, Dwr Cymru, the Aluminium Works and now the large scale tourist attractions at Adventure Parc Snowdonia and the Hilton Hotel.

Its history is intertwined with water, with its notable and immense waterfalls that were eventually harnessed by the power station, which in turn fed the Aluminium Works, the drinking water that serves much of the Conwy borough and now the first of its kind inland surfing lagoon.

Always a place of innovation and ambition, this village has seen many changes over the years and whilst this has been happening village life has continued with a close knit community, who share this common history. This archive is a fascinating document of this unusual and wonderful place!

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