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Awards Categories

For our 2021 awards, there are four categories. You can only enter under one category so please think carefully about which you feel your project excels in. Projects should have been active during 2020/2021.

The categories are:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Gathering and Preserving Heritage
  3. Contribution to Wellbeing
  4. Networks of Archives

There is also an award for Best Community Archive and Heritage Group of 2021. All entrants are automatically considered for this award.

The CAHG awards were set up to promote best practice in community archiving. The Community Archives and Heritage Group website has guidelines for good practice for various fields of community archive activities.

For all categories the activity or project entered can be part of the day to day activity of the group or can be a one off.  Entrants will be judged against the categories entered and evidence given; judges will refer to the group’s websites to ‘back up’ information on the form but not as the sole form of information.

Groups entering must be a ‘group’ not an individual.


General information for all entrants

The aim is to find groups that are either doing something really well and/or doing something special and/or have come up with a completely new idea or method.

1. Community Engagement

In this award, we’re looking for novel and successful ways of engaging communities with community archive collections. One of the core activities of community archives is to provide access to their collections via websites, exhibitions and books. Perhaps you’ve done something outstanding to engage the community? Maybe you’ve used an unusual technique, such as creating a wall mural or devising a play? Perhaps you’ve used more traditional methods, but you’ve been remarkably successful at reaching large numbers of people, or involving sectors of the community who aren’t usually interested in heritage?

2. Gathering and Preserving Heritage

In this award we’re focusing on the process of collecting heritage and preserving or stewarding heritage. Many community archive groups are motivated by the desire to record the past before it is lost and to keep it safe for the future. What have you added to your collection recently? Perhaps you’ve done a new oral history project, or acquired a fascinating new set of documents. Perhaps you’ve recorded an aspect of community life that has been neglected. Perhaps you’ve made a breakthrough in the way you look after your existing collection through a new catalogue or improvements in your approach to conservation. We’re looking for new ideas as well as examples of best practice that others can follow.

3. Contribution to Wellbeing

The world of community archives is considering more and more the effects that heritage and its exploration can have on communities and their wellbeing. Creating a sense of lineage and heritage can often have very positive effects on wellbeing and mental health.  In addition, the activities of researching, volunteering etc can massively impact on an individuals’ wellbeing.

4. Network of Archives

In recent years, in an attempt to create increased sustainability and to share resources and best practice, more and more archives are becoming part of networks.  With this award, CAHG are seeking to acknowledge this work through consideration of networks that have come together in this twelve month period or have existed before.

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