Felkirk Parish Archive

South Hiendley
Shafton Workshops
Top of the green
Photographer is stood on the old railway bridge on Cow Lane facing towards the Wimpy houses on the banking. The train is heading in the direction of Grimethorpe.

If your not a local you may struggle to find Felkirk on any maps, there’s a good reason for that, there is no village of Felkirk. Felkirk is one of a handful of parishes which was named after its first church rather than the village. Felkirk sits alone in the Hamlet of Hodroyd with the parish originally serving Brierley, Cold Hiendley, Grimethorpe, Havercroft, Ringstone Hill, Shafton and South Hiendley. Also included are Ryhill & Nostell along with various relevant material from surrounding villages. Visit the page for unlimited access to over 10k images along with historical notes, and to make your own contributiions https://www.facebook.com/LocalStuffForLocalPeople If you select ‘Photos’ and on the next page ‘See All Albums’ for the best way to view or run a search from the homepage.

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