Bridging Barne Barton: The Island Stories

Bridging Barne Barton: The Island Stories is a social history project based on the Barne Barton Estate, Plymouth.

The former naval estate, built in the 1960’s  by the MoD to house young service families, is currently undergoing regeneration.

Fotonow CIC have been working with residents and volunteers in the area since September 2017, recording interviews, gathering and archiving old photos in order to capture a picture of the area at this time of change.

Central to the project is the development of a website which shares the growing collection of oral history recordings as well as a timeline of historically and locally significant events and artefacts. The project aims to present various perspectives and details of life in Barne Barton, by drawing on the experiences and memories of residents as well as the knowledge of local historians. Creative and photography workshops animate the archive material and engage local residents and young people. Visits to the archive in Barne Barton may be arranged by appointment. 

The project is generously funded by Clarion Housing Group, Heritage Lottery Fund and North Yard Community Trust.



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